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November Dates to Remember!




November 11th

Veterans Day

No School for Students and Staff




November 27th

Professional Development for Teachers

Student dismissal 1:30 pm




November 28th and 29th

Thanksgivin Holiday

School Closed






About Us

Universal Bluford Charter School (UBCS) is a community enriched educational institution serving West Philadelphia students in grades K through 6th. One of Universal Bluford Charter Schools' central goals is enriching the community through the provision of resources and viable community partnerships. Universal Bluford Charter School's Family and Student Resource Center will connect social and mental health services to families in need.

UBCS parters with: 

  • Police Athletic League (PAL)
  • Families and Schools Together (FAST)
  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church
  • Wordsworth's School Therapeutic Service (STS)

in order to enrich the school environment with resources designed to nurture the whole child's development into a well-balanced adolescent. Interwoven within the fabric of UBCS's daily practices are the principles of Nguzo Saba. These culturally-based principles are reviewed daily and used to nurture each student's development of a positive self-image. In addition to these enriching partnerships and practices, UBCS students will also have access to after school tutoring and extra-curricular activities such as dance, drums and tap. The collaborative goal of each of these services and practices is to fulfill Universal Bluford Charter School's mission. 

All Universal Bluford Charter School students will be provided with daily academic rigor, community-enriched resources and extra-curricular opportunities designed to nurture their development into well-balanced adolescents who areand empowered with positive self-images.


Crystal Gary-Nelson, Principal

Horace Rooney, Assistant Principal

Sabrina Scott-Feggins, Assistant Principal



UBCS adheres to the following Uniform Policy for all students:

Girls Grades K-4 - Plaid Jumper, Sweater w/School Logo, Socks, Blouse, Tie
Girls Grades 5-6 - Plaid Skirt, Sweater w/School Logo, Socks, Blouse, Tie
Boys Grades K-6 – Sweater w/School Logo, Navy Uniform Pants, White Dress Shirt, Socks, Belt & Tie

The documents below must be present for the school to register children:
1.Proof of your child’s age: Acceptable proof includes birth, baptismal or other religious certificates, a passport or immigration documents.
2.Proof of Residency: Examples of acceptable proof include Current Voter Registration card, Current Utility Bill (PECO, PGW, etc.), Official Foster Care or DHS letters when child is being cared for by a foster/child care agency. Shelter placement or residency letters are also acceptable for homeless students, Original Deeds or Rental Agreements types, signed by all parties and notarized.
3.Parent/Legal Guardian: must provide photo identification (Ex: Current PA Drivers License/Non-Drivers License or valid Federal, State or Municipal employment identification, Passport)
4.Child’s Medical Appraisal and Immunization Records: showing proof of the up-to-date immunizations for: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German measles), Hepatitis B, and Varicella (Chicken Pox).
5.Child’s Most Recent Report Card and any other useful reports (IEP, NOREP, etc.) from your child’s former school or school district.

Click here to download a letter about School Choice for Universal Bluford Charter School.

Click here to download information about Supplemental Educational Services (SES) tutoring program, a part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Click here to download the application for Supplemental Education Services (SES)



Teachers Links

First In Math - An interactive online game students can play at school or at home.  Students can earn points and compete against other students in the school!

Starfall- An interactive website where parents and students can work on Reading and Math skills.

Factmonster- A wonderful website that students can use for homework, research and fun interactive games.  Multi subject and skill website that includes time lines, atlas, and other fun filled links.


The Universal Bluford Family and Student Resource Center ensures that all students receive the full complement of mental, health, behavioral and educational services available when a need is identified.  The identification of students' needs generally begins in the classroom and is addressed by the classroom teacher with the implementation of progressive interventions.  These interventions are documented on Intervention Records (one record for each week of interventions implemented). 

Check the Events tab to the left to see workshops and activities being held at our FSRC!

Resource Center Manager: Fitsum Abay email:


Community Liaison: Yasmeen Ali | email:


Parent Liaison: Fareeda Mabry | email:


Social Services Case Manager Tiffany Murphy | email:

Referrals may be made directly to the Family and Student Resource Center for immediate student needs a teacher identifies or is made aware of, i.e. poor hygiene, abuse, truancy (three or more days absent), repeated uniform violations, etc.  
If you have any questions, please email Ms. Murphy.

Click here for resources the government provides regarding help for families during hard times!

BLUFORD News in a Brief
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